Software engineer (internship) - Hong Kong hub

Sparkmate is hiring!


Sparkmate is a product development company helping innovators to imagine, build, and launch outstanding products in the fields of IoT, robotics and cloud platforms!

In less than a year they became a key player in rapid prototyping for innovative projects. Sparkmate helps corporates, SMEs, solo founders and startups jump from a great idea to an operational technical system as fast as possible. They are building things differently, and they are proud of it! In the next few years you can expect to see them emerge as a new leader in the product development space!

Sparkmate was born in 2020, growing in a context of extreme chaos! To date, they haven't brought outside financing into the company (and do not plan to). They are playing the long term game and will build something legendary, their plans go far beyond what anyone would imagine!

Job Description

✨ Position :

We are looking for a student, aiming to become a Software Engineer, product lover and with a strong curiosity, to join our Hong Kong hub. 🇭🇰

At Sparkmate, we are a team of products engineers and we help our clients jump from an idea to an operational product in weeks. We operate mainly in the fields of connected objects and IoT products but we also occasionally work on fully digital or fully physical products.

Any interest apart from web & mobile development would be a very great plus! (Machine Learning / Deep Learning / DevOps / Cloud Architecture / Embedded Software Engineering / IoT /...)

🎯 What we expect from you :

  • Be highly motivated and curious :)
  • Contribute to product design and technical architecture design
  • Handle parts of the backend and/or frontend development (also DevOps if you want)
  • Work hand-in-hand on pluridisciplinary projects with the rest of the team
  • Take initiatives and be creative! We would love to hear your ideas how to make things smarter or better ;)

🧗‍ What you can expect from us :

  • A comforting atmosphere, with a flat organization
  • The speed of fast-growing international company (with hubs in HK, France, Romania, and soon more)
  • A fun atmosphere, where learning is valued and where you will constantly have new challenges to meet
  • An empowering atmosphere, with both freedom and responsibilities
  • Technical skills improvement and soft skills improvement, with hands-on field experience
  • Some practical learning and first experience in software development and product development.
  • Involving you as much as possible in the different aspects of our projects and in the company: internal projects, clients projects, participating to team activities and so on.. At Sparkmate people are looked upon based on their actions, not their titles so you have all your chances!
  • Rocking Fridays! 1 day per week dedicated to side-projects!

Preferred Experience

We're looking for people that can work in autonomy and be responsible for their work. Of course, the rest of the team will be here to help whenever you need ;)

On the tech side, here are the tools we often use for web & mobile products :

  • Node JS and TypeScript
  • REST API / GraphQL
  • PostgreSQL / MongoDB
  • Google Cloud Platform (sometimes AWS)
  • Docker
  • Git
  • React JS / React Native

You DON'T need to know how to use them all, if you know some of them it's a plus! Otherwise you'll learn with us ;)

Recruitment Process

  • Application through WelcomeKit
  • Portfolio mandatory (a CV is not a portfolio, please show us exemples of your previous achievements)
  • Softskills test
  • Video call with Ghislain - CTO
  • Video call with a teammate
  • Technical test

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 4 and 6 months)
  • Start Date: 01 September 2021
  • Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong ()
  • Possible partial remote