Software engineer

Sparkmate is hiring!


International and fast growing company, with big ambitions, Sparkmate is an engineering firm building prototypes and products with innovators and changemakers. Our mission is to make it possible for corporates, industries and startups to get operational solutions super quickly even for complex and cross-disciplinary projects.

In other words, Sparkmate is a team of cool, passionate and highly ambitious hardware and software engineers, that imagine, design, craft, and build tech solutions for the most innovative projects in the world.

Here are the fields we are working on at the moment:

  • - Aerospace/Aeronautics
  • - Robotics/Drones
  • - Cloud native apps
  • - IoT
  • - 3D printing
  • - Web platforms and mobile apps

We are looking for creative, tech-passionate and extremely ambitious teammates ! Join us for an amazing experience either abroad or in France.

Job Description

Sparkmate is growing, we need a new software engineer to join our tech squad.

We are having more and more interdisciplinary projects, with software skills from web or mobile dev in JS to ML or embedded programming in C or Python, to Cloud or network engineering. That's a great thing for Sparkmate, because we love complex innovative cross-fields projects, and that's why we need to strengthen software engineering team, with someone mostly on back-end and serverless architecture.

What we are looking for :

  • Someone truly passionate about technology and innovation
  • Someone autonomous and resourceful (not afraid to build stuff from scratch)
  • Very strong skills in software engineering and a great will to learn more (especially in Cloud / serverless computing)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Team spirit

We want to build an international network of interdisciplinary squads of engineers. 2020 focus is Paris squad, then we'll expand abroad. We want to stay small, power the most impactful projects in the world and build a rocking atmosphere for crazy engineers. That's why we need the best in the team ;-)

What we expect from you :

  • Contribute to (and asap : lead) back-end development on our web and mobile projects
  • Build a strong expertise in Cloud / serverless computing
  • Contribute to product design and translation of client needs
  • Contribute to improvement of our best practices (devOps, quality, collaboration,...) and automation of what should be automated
  • A good dose of energy and ambition ;-)

What you can expect from us :

  • Improve your tech expertise and gain new skills
  • Build projects from A to Z and see the results of your work
  • Work in a stimulating atmosphere with other crazy and talented people
  • Work on various projects in various fields
  • Work on side projects, explore and learn new skills every week during our rocking fridays dedicated to learning

Preferred Experience

  • Experienced in NodeJS and database engineering
  • If possible, experienced in : TypeScript / REST API programming
  • Interest to build an expertise in Cloud / serverless computing

Recruitment Process

  • Application through WelcomeKit. Portfolio very much appreciated (we do not so much care about diplomas, we would like to see what projects you have been working on)
  • Softskills test + technical test
  • Meeting in Paris or videocall

By the way, we did not raise funds since our creation in 2018 (and we do not intend to, only organic growth with clients). We cannot offer 60K+ salary but that's a goal for soon :-)

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 05 January 2020
  • Location: Paris, France ()
  • Occasional remote authorized
  • Salary: between 38000€ and 45000€ / year